„Vaikystės Sodą“

About us

“Vaikystes Sodas is more like a Lab where modern educational ideas are developed and accomplished. It is a proof that possibilities are endless.”

“We are a universal scientifically grounded educational institution where EVERYTHING makes sense. We find it particularly important for a child to improve every day. Children need a clear structure and room for unconstrained creativity where all the educational process is united by a common topic.  This is the way to get children interested and help them learn. In fact, the inner motivation is the most important as it has been proved so many times!” – Dr. Austeja Landsbergiene, Vaikystes Sodas Founder.


Vaikystes Sodas curriculum is based on Dr. Austeja Landsbergiene contextual education curriculum, PYP (Primary Years Program), IPC (International Primary Curriculum), Reggio Emilia approach, Swedish National Preschool curriculum, educational ideas of H. Gardner and L. Vygotsky and scientific research. There are 4 main lines of Vaikystes Sodas curriculum:

  • literacy,
  • science,
  • emotional intelligence,
  • mathematics and IT.

Change generation

Children attending Vaikystes Sodas belong to the Change generation. They are bound to live in the world of the constant change where the usual knowledge and skills become insufficient too soon. That is why these children need to acquire competences (soft skills), necessary for the 21st century:

  • Global Thinking (to understand that the world has no walls, is diverse and constantly changing);
  • Communication (to be able to express themselves, clearly justify their opinion, discuss and listen to others);
  • Innovative Thinking (curiosity, imagination, taking risks and accepting mistakes positively, initiative);
  • Problem Solving (to analyse problems, make various decisions and assess their consequences);
  • Adaptability (to understand and accept changes as natural and inevitable phenomenon);
  • Digital literacy (to be able to use technologies to make progress and reach goals);
  • Ethical Behaviour (dignity, tolerance, sympathy, empathy).

Work and grow together

At private kindergarten Vaikystes Sodas we see each child and the future competence building as the core of the education: the competences are developed through daily activities, plays and trips.

Vaikystes Sodas is the place where children grow and teachers bloom. Guided by the values of our organisation, we create warm and comfortable environment to work in. In fact, the teachers at Vaikystes Sodas are creative and talented experts of their field and we encourage their professional training. We truly believe that the key to success here is to work and grow together.